We are is looking for part-time Venture Partners to grow startup ecosystems in the BENELUX area and around the world. The Venture Partner role includes speaking at events, engaging in outreach on various media channels and helping to create top new startups in the region.
The ideal Venture Partner is well connected in the local startup ecosystem, has a good social media following and understands the local startup culture. The role requires 2-4 hours of engagement per week, and the activities are all online. The Venture Partner is compensated with equity upside from the various companies that they help to launch in the region.
The position takes advantage of strong networks that we have built through the Founder Institute in the BENELUX region. This includes lists of CEO mentors, lists of potential Founders, inbound traffic, media connections, social reach and more.
Venture Partner Responsibilities:
Speaking in online startup events in the city and around the region with the part-time capacity of a Venture Partner
Using social media, partnerships and public relations to scout and encourage top potential Founders to launch new businesses that matter
Coaching and advising top potential Founders in office hours on various topics on starting and growing their idea-stage startup
Identifying and collaborating with top regional startup CEOs to join the Founder Institute as mentors, as advisors and as future venture capitalists
Coordinating with Regional Local Leaders of the Founder Institute in weekly calls and through messaging to create world-class startups in the region
Venture Partner Compensation:
1% to 5% of the equity upside allocated to mentors from companies launched
Additional Venture Partner Benefits:
Title of Venture Partner at the largest entrepreneurial program
Local and global networking opportunities with top CEOs and like-minded peers
Advisory opportunities with early-stage local and global startups
Social reach across the global Founder Institute network
Premiere access to FI programs, such as VC Lab (http://FI.co/vc)

Are you passionate about startups and entrepreneurship? 

To apply as a Venture Partner, please contact us here.